Mark your agenda for the largest event about Mystery Shopping!

Mark your agenda for the largest event about Mystery Shopping!

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In 2017 we will travel to  Belgrade for our 18th annual conference - 23-25 May 2017. A city that is situated at the crossing point of eastern and western empires, conquered and rebuilt. Unravel the mystery of Belgrade – travel back through time and hear the echoes of a glorious past while getting caught up in its charming and passionate appeal! The theme of this year’s conference is:  

Mystery Shopping & Customer Focus

How can Mystery Shopping help organizations to improve customer experience?

Our business environment has changed a lot in the past decade. A new (and constantly evolving) customer profile, new regulation regarding data privacy, technology and new research techniques, just to mention a few examples…In the era of Big Data and the constant information flow, how can organizations get results that are actually useful and actionable?

More than ever, Customer Centricity is a proven strategy followed by most of the top successful companies. What role can Mystery Shopping play in this context? How can we help organizations to remain focused?

The answers to these questions, and many more, will be discussed by the leading voices of our industry. Don't miss out, be part of the biggest Mystery Shopping event in the world.

WEBINAR April 2017 - How to make most out of your MSPA conference - by Claire Boscq-Scott

Already over 245 people confirmed their attendance to the event!


Andrew Firth

Andy Firth (GfK Mystery Shopping) joined GfK’s custom research, financial services team in 1998 following graduation from the University of Sheffield. Andy spent the first 9 years of his career in the ‘research’ side of the business focussing on a range of methodologies including customer satisfaction, market measurement, U&A and qualitative research, before moving to GfK’s mystery shopping division in 2007 as Business Development and Insight Director. Andy now heads up the Financial Services and Public Sector team where he leads a group of executives working with a broad range of financial services, governmental and tourism clients. Andy last spoke at the MSPA conference in 2011 where he presented a paper on multi-channel mystery shopping.


"The Changing Face of Financial Services Mystery Shopping "

Andy has worked in financial services mystery shopping for 10 years, a period which has witnessed seismic changes in the industry. These changes - including the focus away from large branch networks towards automation and online banking, the increasingly pervasive role of regulators (particularly in the UK) and the impact of new entrants on pricing strategies – have led to significant changes in the research needs of financial clients, including how they use mystery shopping. Andy’s paper will focus on what these changes mean and how agencies can evolve to deal with these new challenges.


Daan Noordeloos

For over 12 years Daan Noordeloos has been helping organizations to become more customer oriented. At Transavia he’s responsible for developing and implementing the customer strategy which revolves around passenger experience. He’s passionate about experience design and finds himself working on the intersection of applied research, innovation and change management.





Arjen van Hijum

Arjen is the CEO of Store Support, leader of mystery guest research in the Netherlands. The past years Store Support has, on account of the good partnerships within the MSPA network, grown strongly. Besides mystery guest research Store Support has enlarged her services around Customer Journey Management. A good example is the collaboration with Transavia. Arjen is, besides the proud co-owner of Store Support, on an every day mission to innovate and expand the services of the company in the field of Customer Experience Management.


"Passenger Experience: a never ending journey"


Lysandros Hadjilambrou

Lysandros provides continuity in Cyprus international marketing research, which counts more than 50 years of existence, as has developed a prominent status in the regional industry, i.e. Middle East & North Africa, and Eastern Europe. Lysandros, is conread’s founder and CEO, a boutique consulting agency that specializes in providing services to big multinational clients and undertaking multinational projects. Nineteen years of experience, dedication to continuous innovative thinking, the design of new methodologies and marketing research patterns and accumulated knowledge, supported numerous clients to add value to client’s revenues & key business objectives. He managed to orchestrate more than 500 Global projects, while his expertise renders him one of the top consulting professionals in the industry. Prior to founding conread, Lysandros managed several roles in the marketing research industry; Synovate as ME Business Development Director, MEMRB Saudi Arabia as Client Service Director, MEMRB Cyprus as Research Manager. Lysandros is a graduate of the University of Arts in London (London College of Fashion). Currently, Lysandros focuses in leading Conread towards further geograpical expansion and adding value to the company through digital and mobile technologies. The combination of innovative thinking combined with his wealth of experience are his greatest attributes. Lysandros has participated in many conferences and seminars and as a speaker shared his knowledge, particularly on Customer Experience programs.


"Ode to Joy (Gin & Tonic)- Orchestrating key instruments to successful collaborations "

“Showcasing the impact of collaboration within successful clients-agency relationships will be the aim of this outline. The global marketplace has become extremely competitive nowadays, and this has an impact on professional expressions at work – they tend to be more introspective. Collaboration in the workplace is defined as the “action of working with someone or as part of a group through idea sharing and thinking to accomplish a common goal”. Typically, if one asks a number of CEO’s to point out the attributable factors of their company’s success, they would quite often refer to collaboration. Similarly, when asking key figures of the Market Research Industry, they will point out to the same key elements of success in addition to technology, tools, solutions, etc. Agencies usually aim at creating long lasting relationships with their clients, but such relationships can’t be achieved in case real depth is not placed in them. Collaboration is deeply a human activity, and no tool on its own can solve the problem of poor collaboration.


Fabrizio Checchi

Former University professor in "Computer science" at La Sapienza and Luiss Guido Carli Ceo and Founder PM for developing web platform for mystery shopping


"Be Mobile - how we built our app to land on the future of mystery shopping"

  • How important is the "new" mobile world for mystery shopping company
  • Mobile Mystery shopping means saving money, trusted data, honest mystery shopper and more suitable visits
  • Build your own app without spending a fortune
  • Real "real" time data
  • What we did - our mistakes


Hans Smith

CEO Groeitrainingen en founder of Mystery Review. Hans is Disney trained, having formerly worked for Disney as Operations Manager and Disney Trainer, and has a strong background in economics and psychodynamics as well as extensive experience in the Customer Experience industry. Currently Hans offers consultancy to leading brands, creating exceeding customer, patient, guest experiences. 




"New Era: Mystery Shopping and the Significance Economy; Beyond the Customer Experience! "

Surprise your customers! Be a business partner and prepare yourself and your clients for the NEW economy! The 'Significance' Economy! Opportunities to exceed the Customers Experiences for 2020!



Clint Payne

Clint Payne, Programme Manager, Customer Experience at MultiChoice.


MultiChoice is a video entertainment and internet company with a strong presence in South Africa and across the African continent. MultiChoice provides multi-channel pay-TV and subscriber management services in 48 countries across sub-Sahara Africa and the adjacent Indian Ocean islands. 




"Filling in the Gaps – how MultiChoice uses mystery shopping to understand the gaps between customer experience designed and delivered."


Emilija Ivancajic

Emilija Ivancajic, Research Executive Intelligence d.o.o., joined the team in 2013. since then she has been working on the development of strategic projects (with a special focus on market research concerning the medical and pharmaceutical industry, one of the clients was pharmaceutical giant Pfizer). Emilija is an MD, she is the author of numerous scientific papers, she acquired part of her education on managing medical projects in Brazil (Sao Paulo), she also organized a great number of charity projects. Emilija is currently developing a brand new Mystery patient program, her expertise includes coaching for mystery shoppers, depth interviewing, managing focus groups, organizing workshops with customers and conducting market research actions for key customers and clients with an exclusive contract with company Intelligence. 


Nebojša Ilic

Nebojša Ilic, General Manager Doming d.o.o.. Nebojša is a long-time Director of Sales and Representative of company Doming. As part of Romstal Group, Doming is a leader in Southeast Europe in the placement of installation of heating, air conditioning, plumbing, sewage, sanitary and other equipment used in modern design and construction of residential, commercial, industrial and other types of buildings. Nebojša responsible for company development and expansion of the sales team, which consists of 120 employees at 17 sales locations throughout Serbia. Nebojša joined the company in 2003., and in 1999. he graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade.

"Implementation challenges and resistance in the organisation towards Mystery shopping. How to overcome them!"



Dmitriy Pavlenko

Dmitriy Pavlenko, Head of Scheduling Worldwide by 4Service, Ukraine. Dmitriy used to work as the Country Director for Russian market at 4Service Group for last 3 years. Now Dmitriy is in charge of Business Development in Western and Eastern Europe at Scheduling Worldwide by 4Service. Dmitriy has 6 years experience in one of the most customer service sensitive areas - HoReCa (middle and luxury segment) and has launched more than 10 successful start-ups and media projects. Core competencies: customer loyalty, predictive analytics, e-commerce and native marketing. 

Speaker of the E-commerce and Hospitality Industry Forum, Retail Community, Customer Experience Forum. In charge of launch of affiliate programs: MasterCard Selective, Mercedes, Malibu, Wrigley, Regatta "Lexus Cup", Jameson. Earlier, Dmitriy’s projects received an independent recognition of the world-famous travel portal Tripadvisor "Travellers Choice". Today, Dimitri is launching a new project called GuestTrack by 4Service. 

"Customer Experience 360° approach"


The basis of the analytics is built on the concept of HOW employee’s mood affects following points at the time when customer service happens:

  • Implementation of customer service standards
  • The growth of NPS
  • The growth of emotional rating
  • Earning money by the company
  • The increase of the average bill

The examples of successful project delivery will be shown within the case study of Subway company: the upgrade of the existing motivation system, the  implementation of the project to the Global Strategy, Big Data usage. 


Jill Spencer

Jill is Director, at React UK.  She has worked as a mystery shopping service provider at senior level since 2000, having previously earned a strong reputation for expertise in the Customer Experience arena whilst working in varied and challenging roles for blue chip retailers. 

Over the past 20 years, Jill’s core objective has been to raise the profile of customer service in business. It is a testament to her passion and commitment for the subject that the companies Jill has worked for, and in partnership with, now place customer service at the very top of their boardroom agenda.

Her more recent work focused largely on the engagement and education of frontline workers.  By raising the level of understanding that the frontline has – and providing clear leadership and direction relating to individual and team goals – a more engaged work force has evolved, as well as a clear movement from a ‘task focused’ to ‘customer centric’ work ethic. Of specific interest at board level, the work also identified clear correlations between higher engagement levels and stronger sales performance across the client organisations that Jill worked with during this study.

Jill has written a series of case studies on the value of mystery shopping, including some high profile return on investment work, and has had several articles published on this subject.  She has also spoken at conferences throughout the world on the topic of Customer Experience.  Jill has worked as a board member of MSPA Europe since 2012, and was appointed Vice President in 2015.


Nigel Cover

Nigel is a Senior Executive with a wealth of experience with leading Mystery Shop and Customer Experience organisations on a global stage. Past President of MSPA Europe and Chair of the Global Advisory Committee.

His passion is simple, people make the difference in business - their engagement as an employee and experience as a consumer are what makes a brand powerful and successful. With extensive knowledge in the fields of Customer Experience, Customer Insight, Customer Loyalty and Employee Engagement he has a broad and unique perspective to share.

"Bud, Thorn, Rose..."


Cristiani Oliveira

Cristiani was appointed as Mystery Shopping Director at Intercampus, Portugal, in 2011. With over 20 years of professional experience, Cristiani has worked in diverse areas, such as logistics, insurance, banking and metallurgical industry. Originally from Brazil, Cristiani has been living in Europe since 2001, working in the fields of Marketing Research, Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Management. With an education background in management, Cristiani also has training in Entrepreneurship, Communication and Public Relations. Cristiani contributes frequently to various publications and is a frequent speaker in national and international conferences, lecturing on topics such as Mystery Shopping, Marketing Research, Customer Experience Management, Human Resources and Corporate Communication. Cristiani joined MSPA Europe as a Director in 2007, became Vice President in 2009, President in 2010/2011 and is currently a Director and a Trainer for the Association. In her free time, Cristiani likes to travel with her husband and two small daughters. Cristiani is also engaged with other non-profit assocations, such as APODEMO (Portuguese Marketing Research Providers Association) and Toastmasters International.

Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck

Stefaan Vandroogenbroeck is an expert in the field of Mystery Shopping and Customer Service Relations. During his early career, he successfully created and managed three different contact centers in Belgium and the Netherlands. During the last 8 years he has established himself as an expert in the creation and ongoing management of Mystery Shopping and Market Research projects. He has also qualified as a trainer/coach during this time. It was whilst working as a Contact Center Manager that Stefaan discovered the value of using Mystery Shopping techniques. He was so motivated by this experience that he moved across to work for a Belgian Mystery Shopping company. After three successful years as part of the Mystery Shopping world Stefaan was promoted to the role of Associate Director, and such was his passion for his work that he decided to set up his own company in Lille in early 2010. As a member of the MSPA European Board, Stefaan continues to work with expertise and passion as European Director for Education.

"New Members / First time attendants Workshop"






23rd May 2017 18:00 - 18:45 New Members / First time attendants Workshop (By invitation only)
  19:00 - 22:00  Welcomes Reception & Dinner
    This event is included in the conference package, but pre-registration is required
24th May 2017 09:00 - 09:30 Registration / Welcome Coffee & Networking
  09:30 - 09:50 Kick-off and Welcome by MSPA Europe

Yvonne Kinzel - President  MSPA Europe & General Manager (D, A, CH) at Multi-Value GmbH Germany

  09:50 - 10:35 Clients Case Study

Arjen van Hijum, Store Support and Daan Noordeloos, Transavia - The Netherlands

  10:35 - 11:00 Implementation challenges and resistance in the organisation towards Mystery Shopping. How to overcome them!

Emilija Ivancajic, Intelligence Market Research and Nebojša Ilic, General Manager of Doming - Serbia


11:00 - 11:40


11:40 - 12:40

Break-out sessions

Be Mobile - how we built our app to land on the future of mystery shopping

Fabrizio Checchi, Ceo at Mebius / Founder - Italy


Mystery Shopping and the Significance Economy; Beyond the Customer Experience! 

Hans Smith, CEO Groeitrainingen / Owner Mystery Review, The Netherlands 


Ode to Joy (Gin & Tonic) -Orchestrating key instruments to successful collaborations

Lysandros Hadjilambrou, CEO Conread, Cyprus 


12:40 - 14:00

  14:00 - 14:30 The Changing Face of Financial Services Mystery Shopping 
  Adrew Firth, Director at GfK Mystery Shopping - United Kingdom

14:30 - 14:45

MSPA EU Elite Program

14:45 - 15:00

Conference Day 1 Wrap-up

15:00 - 16:00

Vendor Show & Networking & Time to schedule your meeting  [1]

16:00 - 19:00

Sightseeing Tour Belgrade – pre-registration needed!
  20:00 - 22:00 Informal Dinner – After a whole day of activities you might want to relax by not having to search the city looking for a restaurant...Considering that, and also because we know you want to make the most of network opportunities, we have organized an informal dinner buffet right here at the Metropol Palace.
25th May 2017

09:00 - 09:30

Registration / Welcome Coffee & Networking

09:30 - 09:40

Welcome & Opening 2nd Conference Day
  09:40 - 11:00 Bud, Thorn & Rose…Relevance &Elephants

Jill Spencer, Director at React Surveys & Incoming President MSPA Europe 


Nigel Cover, Past President MSPA Europe and Past Chair MSPA Global


11:00 - 11:40


11:40 - 12:40

Break-out sessions

Be Mobile - how we built our app to land on the future of mystery shopping

Fabrizio Checchi, Ceo at Mebius / Founder - Italy


Mystery Shopping and the Significance Economy; Beyond the Customer Experience! 

Hans Smith, CEO Groeitrainingen / Owner Mystery Review, The Netherlands 


Ode to Joy (Gin & Tonic) -Orchestrating key instruments to successful collaborations

Lysandros Hadjilambrou, CEO Conread, Cyprus 


12:40 - 14:00

  14:00 - 14:30 Customer Experience 360° approach

Dmitriy Pavlenko, Head of Scheduling Worldwide by 4Service - Ukraine

  14:30 - 15:00 Filling in the Gaps – how MultiChoice uses mystery shopping to understand the gaps between customer experience designed and delivered 

Clint Payne - Programme Manager Customer Experience at MultiChoice - South Africa


15:00 - 15:30

Where is MSPA heading to & conference  wrap up

15:35 - 16:35

Vendor Show & Networking
  19:00 - 23:00 Magnificent Dinner Event (Pre-registration is required)


Ode to Joy (Gin & Tonic) -Orchestrating key instruments to successful collaborations

Lysandros Hadjilambrou, CEO Conread, Cyprus 



The conference is fully booked, please contact the MSPA office at for registration matters

Registration is closed
MSPA member - 1st participant from your company  € 445,-
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Dinner Event – Thursday May 25th  € 95,-
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  • The FULL two-day conference fees are including attendance of the conference, Welcome reception & Dinner on Tuesday May 23rd, informal dinner on Wednesday May 24th, coffee/tea breaks & lunches during the 2 main conference days and all conference materials.
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  • Over 200 delegates from Europe and the rest of the World
  • Major keynote speakers, on topics relevant to our industry are coming, break out sessions & dynamic discussions covering topics of National and International interest in which to participate
  • Sightseeing tour of the city again included in the conference program!
  • Vendor show providing you with interesting insight into the latest industry technologies and services.
  • Plenty of time for networking, socialising and relaxing is built into the conference programme. 
  • A full social programme is planned, using the excellent facilities of an excellent hotel. 
  • This year MSPA arranged again that for all conference delegates the dinners on Tuesday and Wednesday are included in the conference fees when you register for the full 2 days of conference.
  • An outstanding location for our closing dinner EVENT on Thursday evening – an ideal location for our closing event; pre-registration is required.



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The conference location as well as official conference hotel is the Metropol Palace Hotel (5*) in Belgrade, Serbia.

They provided absolutely outstanding room rates and many options in types of rooms; a limited number of rooms are blocked for MSPA guests until March 30th, 2017! 

After this dates rooms are only available on request and the special MSPA rate is not guaranteed anymore! Single Room : €110 per night - Double/Twin Room : €120 per night

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A good alternative hotel, which is located 5/10 minutes walk from the conference hotel is the ZIRA Hotel. You can easily reserve your rooms via their website or contact the reservations department at, telephone +381 11 331 4720. MSPA does not have rooms in a block booking and the room rates are simular at the moment as the once presented above.

Metropole Palace Hotel.

Positioned in the middle of the Bulevar kralja Aleksandra (formerly Bulevar Revuclije), one of the longest and most important streets in Belgrade, Metropol Palace truly is in the heart of Belgrade, well connected with all the city's transportation hubs.

Services available in the rates: indoor pool, sauna, gym and Jacuzzis, wireless internet, bars and restaurants with different cuisines within the hotel and a wide variety of attractions around the hotel. All facilities of the Metropole Palace hotel can be found at

In the ONLINE hotel reservation tool an option is included were you can select the room type and as well check out the rates of the other room types as mentioned above.

Around it, in all directions, one can find the main sites of the city, such as St. Marks Church, the Tasmajdan Park, National Assembly, and the City Council - helpful indications that you are nearby the hotel.

The Metropol Palace’s truly magnificent central setting next to the grand Tašmajdan park invites you to explore Belgrade's many monuments, palaces, theatres and museums rich with indigenous and international cultural gems, all within a short stroll from the hotel.


The nearest airport is Beograd Airport (BEG).

Direct flights are available from major European cities, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Vienna and many more...

Google “Direct flights Belgrade” or visit the website of Air Serbia -

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To make your travel plans easy and complete transfers are offered by Vekol DMC and you can arrange them prior to your arrival. This is a excellent and easy way to assure you have a taxi waiting for you at the aiport when you arrive! 

Individual transfer (one way) is € 23 per way. You can pay in cash or credit card. On arrival a special booth will be available at the airport to assist you. This option is only available when you pre-book this in advance of your arrival in Belgrade.

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