The MSPA is an Association of companies which provide mystery shopping services. It is the goal of the membership to improve and stimulate the acceptance, performance, reputation and use of mystery shopping services.

Applications for membership are welcome from any company meeting our criteria, as outlined below. All membership applications will be checked, references sought, and once the criteria are met, and upon payment of membership dues, applicants will be accepted as either Full or Candidate Members of MSPA.

Full Membership Criteria:
Full details of the membership criteria are listed below and at the application form. in brief, these comprise:

  • At least two years trading as a mystery shopping provider company
  • A reputation for excellence in operation
  • Agreement to abide by and to apply the MSPA Code of Professional Ethics
  • Agreement to abide by and to apply the MSPA Code of Professional Standards
  • Present a official proof of business existence (i.e. articles of incorporation, insurance records, or business license)

Candidate Membership Criteria:

Mystery shopping companies that have not traded for two years, but who meet all other criteria, are invited to join MSPA as Candidate Members.  They are encouraged to participate fully in MSPA activities, and may progress to Full Membership in future.

The definition of a mystery shopping provider as developed by the Board, is as follows:
  "A company that uses anonymous resources to perform evaluations of services and operations for third party clients."

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