We’re delighted to inform members that the application process is now well and truly underway for 2017 Elite Status!

At this year’s conference in Malta, MSPA Europe awarded the first Elite Members for 2016, we hope we can award many members at the annual conference in Belgrade next year!

Elite Membership is an initiative that has been introduced to acknowledge MSPA Europe members who contribute towards the promotion of MSPA Europe and the Mystery Shopping industry in general.  Elite Member status will be valid for one calendar year, and can be granted on a yearly basis as long as the conditions continue to be met.

And members have already started to apply! If you’re interested in Elite Membership for your company, you can find out more in the member area of the website.

Don’t delay, start your application to become one of our Elite today!

Deadline to apply for Elite Status 2017 is January 10th, 2017!


What is Elite Membership?

MSPA Europe decided to introduce an Active Membership initiative in order to acknowledge MSPA Europe members who contribute towards the promotion of MSPA Europe and the Mystery Shopping industry in general. Elite Member status will be valid for one calendar year.

Who can apply?

All MSPA Europe members who act as ambassadors of MSPA can apply, and will be awarded Elite Membership status as long as they fulfil 5 of the 15 criteria that have been established (3 compulsory criteria from Tier A, 1 criteria from Tier B and 1 criteria from Tier C).

You can access more information on Elite Membership criteria to read more about it.

Why should I apply?

MSPA Europe aims to acknowledge Elite Members by:

  • Authorising the use of an ELITE MEMBER logo on all marketing materials
  • Promoting on MSPA website
  • Announcing AWARDS at MSPA Europe Annual Conference

Where should I apply?

You can find the application details on your personal membership pageWhen you press the "SAVE" button your details will be saved and send to MSPA. If you change any details or include new details at a later stage please confirm each time by pressing the save button.

When is the deadline for application?

This year, applications will be accepted from March to December - deadline to submit your application for 2017 is JANUARY 10th, 2017. Applicants should complete the dedicated form, and submit their supporting evidence via our website. If the prospective applicant meets the stated criteria, the member company will be granted Elite Member status from January to December of next year. 

How does it work?

All applications, together with the supporting evidence, will be assessed by the MSPA Europe Membership Team. Once it has been established that the criteria has been met, members will receive notification that their application has been successful. The Elite Member Certificate will be issued, together with the MSPA regular membership certificate, in January of the following year. The list of Elite Members will be published to all MSPA Europe members in a newsletter and will be published on the MSPA Europe website by the end of January each year.


(all specifics can be download after you logged in to the secured members area)